Spirit Doll

2018 & Spirit Dolls


I started 2018 with very mixed feelings, joy at a clean slate the new year and a new diary brings, excitement at the new projects planned and sadness as my youngest son flew off to start a wonderful new adventure in the Netherlands, but with that sadness I was also grateful for the wonderful new things he would get to see and experience on the other side of the world.

I decided from the start that I would give myself a week to cry and feel sorry for myself and then I would pick myself up and get on with life and as if on cue I got a wonderful art class from Toni Burt called Joy EmergesΒ  – a beautiful Spirit doll.

I gave up (willingly) a day of cleaning house totally absorbed in watching her videos while she created her doll and then headed out into the garden looking for branches and twigs, raided my husbands garage for wire and grabbed the fabric I had bought last year on a holiday in Clarens that I just had to have (you know that feeling) but had no idea why I need it until now.

Holiday in Clarens shopping spree

The only missing part was a face mold and clay but that was quickly ordered online and I was rather pleased to have this new stash of toys to add to my crafty supplies.


I then set a day aside when no-one would be home to beg for food, coffee or attention, switched my phone off and I got started.


I had the most wonderful day playing and learning a new skill and best of all – I adore my finished doll.


This spirit doll gave me such a healing fun experience that I have another 2 on the go at the moment – fortunately (for hot dry South Africa) it is raining and the glue is taking longer to dry than write this blog post – so they will show themselves in a post very soon.

But I will give you a sneak peak at what I made this week to accompany one of the new dolls… Angel Lambs – an adorable pattern by Tilda.


Thank you Toni Burt for such a wonderful class and for bringing me just what I needed when I didn’t even know what I needed.

I highly recommend everyone to grab this class and make a stunning Spirit doll of your own for what ever reason…. and then make more πŸ™‚

Happy crafting everyone

Dawn xxx



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