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I’m a terrible blogger ;)

It’s true!! I’m an awesome crafter – I will craft all day every day – but the blogging part I’m not so good at… I write blog posts in my head constantly while I’m crafting and sometimes I even remember to photograph the process but then I get distracted by the next craft project and forget to blog… I’m going to try my best to change that!

Starting today 🙂

I have just completed 100 Day Goal with Julia Bickerstaff  over at The Business Bakery – what an incredible journey!! I learnt about setting goals and how to get them done – it sounds easy – but we’ve all set goals and not completed them but Julia shows you how it can be done and guides you every step of the way and I am thrilled to say I completed my goal!!!

Both my sons now have their own place to call “home” and so all of their stuff has finally moved out of the house, leaving me with extra space… for craft rooms obviously…. so my 100 day goal was to empty all the rooms, paint, reshuffle all the furniture in the house and get myself 4 new craft rooms!!

The first room I decided to use as an art studio due to the light and easy to clean wood floors. The furniture all came from my very cramped sewing room and I love it so much more in this new space!

Hubby made me this great organiser for my most used tools…desk storage



The area behind this black dresser which houses some of my favourite art supplies is the closet area, which is now filled with organised containers of craft supplies.








This is how my paper is organised…

scrapbook papers in the closet and different watercolour and mixed media papers pads near the desk… I love the little suitcase filled with art journals and a few drawing essentials.






and here is the completed art studio… seriously lacking in art on the wall but that’s for another blog post 🙂

Desk wall


Wall behind the desk




Next came the sewing room as it was now empty of all of it’s furniture.

This time I shopped my home for antiques and I found a few perfect pieces to hold my sewing supplies.

The ceilings are very high in this room and I didn’t want to clutter it up with shelves, so I covered these pin boards in grey suiting fabric and spent at least 2 days playing with all the bits and pieces I wanted displayed on them – they’re mood boards, inspiration boards, decoration and I can use the contents and replace them anytime.



20170808_170740I then decided to move all my wool downstairs to my old craft room and give my husband the wool room as a library….20170529_141832

At this stage of the process I was loving the new room… but  towards the end of moving all the wool in I was no longer in love and I realised I had no space for my toys!!

So I renegotiated with my husband – he got a cupboard instead of a library 🙂 – and I moved all the wool back into the original wool room which I must confess I have always loved…




That now leaves us with and empty room (originally the craft room), this has been turned into my office and toy room ♥ but that room I will save for another blog post as the dolls and teddy’s are getting shelf makeovers… mermaid grotto, bakery, dragons barn, wand shop, enchanted forest and down the rabbit hole to name a few of the crazy projects I have in mind 😉

So that completes my 100 Day Goal – one of the best decisions I made when doing the 100 day goal was getting a goal buddy 🙂 a friend to encourage me when things got tough and trust me – they got tough! There were days when I really didn’t want to do anything never mind sort through and organise my huge craft stash… enter my dear friend Megan over at Creative Me… every morning we messaged each other with words of encouragement and every evening we bragged about even the tiniest micro action achieved and patted ourselves on the back for a job well done!

I highly recommend getting a goal buddy to join you on your journey, someone who understands how important it is to you to complete your micro actions every day and not break the chain – my darling hubby was quite happy for me to sit and take a day off – Megan on the other hand was not as happy 😉 and that was the push I needed… Thank you Megan!!!

So whats next? Well I am signing up on 1st September 2017 for another 100 Day Goal and this time I have a fun goal planned… but more on that on 1st September (here’s hoping I remember to write the blog 😉 ) and yes I am dragging my buddy Megan along for the ride again – why don’t you join us and set your own 100 day goal.



2 thoughts on “I’m a terrible blogger ;)

  1. Awesome post. Your wool room, art room and sewing room are beautiful! Such a lot to achieve in a mere 100 days. Can’t wait to see what comes out of the office/toy room.

    Liked by 1 person

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