I’m Dawn and I LOVE to craft!!

Welcome to my little blog.

Let me tell you whats it’s about…

I was a stay-at-home mom for 25 years, until our youngest moved out last year and left me with an empty nest. I will admit… it was a rough year to say the least, but this year things are going to be different and it all starts right here.

I am on a crafting journey – to live life creatively 365 days of the year (I’m taking Christmas off as it’s a leap year), I want to explore as many crafts as possible, challenge myself to do things I’m not sure I can do but am willing to try and I hope you will come along for the ride.

I like to cook, bake, decorate, knit, sew (toys mainly), crochet, paint, scrapbook, Project Life, mixed media – you get the idea – I like it all and I want to do it all.

Here I will post my projects, my successes, my failures, awesome blogs and video’s of other craters I’ve found that I think you need to see – pretty much anything goes.

I also have a Facebook page (the link is on the sidebar if I did this right), that is where I invite you to share your creations, successes and failures with us. I also keep my daily crafting diary there to keep myself on track with being creative in some little (or big) way each day.

I will admit I am no IT whiz and all of this “blog lingo” scares me to death but I figured the only way to learn is just to jump right in and get going – so please excuse the mistakes (I’m only human) and I can guarantee that there will be spelling and grammatical errors along the way and I hope you will look past that and just enjoy the crafts.



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